These fly fishing pictures are from out trip to Sawmill Lake, which is on "NorthStar of Tahoe" land.

Biggest trout I had caught up to that point, 20 inches.
Another pic of the 20 inch trout.
Me holding the biggest trout I have ever caught, 26 inches.
Me holding the same trout.
Me releaseing the same trout.
Duane's first trout of the day.
Another pic of Duane's first trout of the day.
Duane and Jimmy dealing with Duane's second trout of the day.
There his second trout.
Another pic of his second trout.
Duane is making Jimmy be his net boy. This is Duane's 3 trout for all you counting.
Duane's third trout, looks like a pretty female.
Duane's third trout again.
Jeeze Duane, leave some for us to catch.. This is number four.
Funny how Jimmy is always helping Duane, since he can't do it himself. :)
Nice trout, stop moving.. (still number four) There's Gary in the bacground.
Another pic of trout number 4 for Duane.
Here is Duane rubbing it in Gary's face, the Duane keeps catching them.
Here is Duane hooking into Number 5. I decided to stop taking pictures of Duane at this point.
This is Kelly and Jimmy. Jimmy is still the "Net Boy".
Here are the love-birds, Kelly and MJ sharing a float tube, which isn't suppose to be done. In Kelly's defense, he was just giving her a lift to the other side of the lake.
Here is Mike, Jimmy's cousin hooking into a fish.